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Thanks for considering contributing to Ironclad, it means a lot.

There are several ways one can help the Ironclad project, from writing and correcting documentation to contributing source code. A great way to help Ironclad as well is sharing it with people that may find it interesting!

Submitting changes

One can send a patch to any of the Ironclad's Patch Manager (create an item) or the project's mailing lists as well.

Development contact

Ironclad has several mailing lists and official servers and services for users as well as developers to talk with each other and coordinate, feel free to check them out at the community page.

Open Tasks and Wishes

Ironclad has a long list of open tasks remaining to be done. Often these features are not a priority and just fall behind, but they are a good starting point for getting started with Ironclad development!

Programming tasks

Non-Programming tasks

Userland development

A kernel is really dependent on its user programs. Here is a list of projects used by several Ironclad distributions to implement userland functionality, and are a great option to get involved without doing kernel development, here is a list of some that accept contributions:

Here is a list of Ironclad distributions that accept contributions as well: